Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lucys Kindergarten plan

So here is our plan so far for this year. I am not going to be super strict to it or anything I just wanted to have something laid out so I had direction. I figure there will be some things we wont get to and somethings added based on her whims. Also some of this is just review or mastering the skill. I am super excited to have this all down where I can look at it and see the plan and also relieved that I don't really think I will need to buy any "curriculum" Just peace together different hands on activities.

• Master writing numbers
• Counting by 5s and 10s
• Patterns
• Time
• Money
• Addition
• Subtraction
Social Studies
• Study of Kenosha possibly Wisconsin too
• Study of history of holidays ie: Thanksgiving, St. patty’s day, Presidents day etc.
• How other people (cultures) celebrate holidays
• Simple maps
• Common local jobs
• Fire safety
• Stranger safety
• Emergency safety
• Work on ch, th, sh, oo, ee sounds
• Beginner readers
• Vocab words pulled from stories we’re reading
Language Arts
• Daily journal
• Spelling
• Senses
• Seasons
• Animal homes
• Weather/ climates
• Learn basic songs
• Basic arts and crafts holiday, season, etc.

What are your opinions? good? bad? needs more or less?

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful plan. I will be back often to see how it is going. ;-)