Friday, December 3, 2010

a new path

We have been on a new unschooly path lately. Taking it easy more learning through play. Lucy was doing amazing still striving in the school room environment but as a stress reliefe for me instead of fighting sam to behave and taking our only free time whike he naps to rush our learning we are takingit easy and learning all day in a less intense atmosphere and things are going well! We are using pez for adding and subtracting, learning all about Hanukkah watching movies and doing our own celebrations. We learned oodles about Thanksgiving together so much i never knew and i loved it! Her reading is amazing she will sound out just about anything! We arent pressuring her she just reads to herself, her brother and her buddy all day and her choice for talking is now by spelling everything she says! So yeah we have been a bit mia but i hope to be back. We are doing well she is learning tons and we are doing it in an awesome way! I have always felt a bit unschooler at heart im excited to see where this takes us!
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