Monday, June 13, 2011

High Cliff State Park

We got back last night from our weekendcamping. While we did have a bit
of a series of unfortunate events we really did have a great time! We love to go camping as a family so this was a bit of a
mini vacation for us. It came as a surprise to me my daughter had no idea how state parks work because we have done most of our
post baby camping at a lot of land friends of the family owns. She has been to the local state park a couple of times but not in a few years. Funny how it is the long term goal of me and the hubby to visit all of the Wisconsin state parks but this is the first new one we have been able to cross off our list since I was pregnant with Lucy. I guess the extra kid stuff, camping stuff, and long trips wasn't to appealing to us, I hope though we continue this quest with our kids because there really is so many neat things our state parks have to offer!

High Cliff was a great renewal of camping hope for us (aside from the fact it poured on us the whole night on Friday and we threw our
tent away on our way out of the park!) Lucy just loves a new environment to explore or investigate as she calls it.

They had a cool
observation tower to climb with an amazing view of Lake Winnebago

This is Chief Red Bird from the Winnebago tribe in Wisconsin.

We also got to do a bunch of hiking all with amazing views!

We also saw a bunch of Effigy mounds and a limestone quarry. They had a really neat historical general store turned museum. Lucy got her explorer book and worked hard to complete the activities to earn her badge.

And Sam, well he worked hard at getting dirty and chasing chipmunks! So that is pretty much our trip. :)

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