Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dialing it back a little

The past couple weeks we have been taking it a bit easy. As kind of a break to both of us.It is kinda making me feel like a slacker, but we are still learning just in a more relaxed way. There was no problem with how we were doing it before but if I want to have any sort of life out of the house at all I think we have to be a bit more relaxed sometimes. So we have been playing educational games, watching documentaries, doing some verbal spelling tests (which I must say I am super surprised what a good speller she is!) We are always learning about the world around us, adding in a bit of starfall and reading reading reading! The truth is I am pretty sure she is still learning the same amount! If not more! I apparently need to go easier on myself! Tomorrow we head out for our vacation we are all super excited! There are lots of lessons to be learned at the water park...Right?

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