Monday, October 4, 2010

Last week

Yes I am a bit behind I am ashamed to say. But don't you worry I am happy to report last weeks schooling :)
I feel like we learned quite a bit last week! Our water unit is moving right on along. we worked on the states of water with a fun little experiment. We put some ice in a pot on the stove watched it melt into a liquid and boil into a gas. Thanks again Lexi for the idea! This week we also learned about the water cycle with the help of The Magic School Bus! We read their water cycle book and watched the episode. We finished the week by Lucy creating a story board type water cycle herself. I just love how the hands on part of homeschool helps the learning become so much more clear!
The telling time is going alright. The first day I found myself a bit overwhelmed with all the information I was trying to spew out at her so we just called it a day at first and the next day I think I was better suited. I think she is picking it up fairly fast. She is great at knowing how to make it say whatever hour and she is also picking up _:30, but she needs more practice to understand each number means a different number. It will come. Honestly I am shocked by how much she is already grasping! She is only 4 for Petes sake! I am not trying to push her just moving along once she gets a concept, I feel like we have already gotten far in math and I am pretty sure so far math is her favorite.
This week for reading we didn't do too much exciting but Starfall did get a bit challenging for her so that is awesome! I am still shocked daily by her spelling skills and she has no fear to try and sound out any word. Go Lucy! She will be quite the reader I imagine!
We didnt do anything on the Kenosha unit this week we took our normal field trip day and went to Hobby Lobby for Halloween costume essentials. She decided last minute to switch from being a spider to the bride of Frankenstein to match her brother :) We came up with a really cute costume idea! So I guess we can call that home ec? LOL! Yesterday we also booked a mini vacation to the Wilderness in Wisconsin Dells, So she will e in a water unit wonderland! haha! We will be sure to take a gander at the Dam there in the Dells too. We are all quite excited! I am sure plenty of educational opportunities will present them selves!

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