Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Still alive I swear!

Yikes! I am embarrassed by how long it has been since I have updated. I wish I didn't let this much time pass it makes me want to update less because I feel like I am too behind. So for the sake of me not feeling like I need to fill everyone in on the last 6 mos lets assume I have been busy frolicking in the meadows with unicorns and butterflies, that is very hard work you know! Honestly though a quick overview of the important things...

We moved- In January, see I really did get busy! Lets be honest we are technically still moving yup this is not the only thing I am slacking on. So yup we moved. It is a much bigger house and we are out in the county now as us Kenoshians refer to it, meaning we live not in the city the country lol. We love it here and now our school room is in a centralized area which is good and bad because now Sam can freely destroy it several times a day o_0
Thats our purdy new house :)

We are having another baby- Yep I am a bit more then half way through growing spawn part three. Sam will be a ripe age of just barely two when his baby sister is scheduled to arrive. This should make schooling interesting! The good part is we are planning for this to be our last baby so after we are done with the baby stage we will not be looking back (I however plan to savor that as long as possible!)

So meanwhile as far as school goes we are still being unschooly. Which I am comfortable with and I think is the style for us at least currently. Lucy has decided to write her own book. She amazes me everyday! She just took a composition note book and started writing. Her plan is to fill it and well she is kicking ass if I do say so! It is called "The Lucy Dog" No it is not all legible or spelled correctly, but I can read it! She loves it she just goes in her room and writes. She hopes that when it is done we can sell it online so others read it and has plans for part two! I love having a budding author! I think it is great practice and while she has kind of shyed away from wanting to read I am completely happy to have a five year old author!
I find that when I backed off she is finding her own love of things and she wants to read more and math has become her favorite! She is quite the adding pro. It started with adding her pez and now she is doing it in her head several numbers at a time. At any given time she comes out to tell me that 3+3+3+3 = 12 and I think that is awesome! Not much interest in subtraction yet but I think it will come when she gets bored with adding.
She has lots of questions about kind of absurd things but it is real life things that need to be taught eventually I guess. As an example last week we went and did a couple museums in town and a picnic and she would not have our day be complete without a trip to the cemetery! She saw one on the side of the road the other day and started asking about it and decided it was her mission to go to one. Maybe it has to do with her new fascination with her ancestors?

Well this was a book! Whew! Now just to keep up with it so I don't have to come back with my tail between my legs ;)
We are camping this weekend at a super cool campground with effigy mounds and cool cliffs and I hope to do some jr ranger work while there if the stinkin weather complies. Keep your fingers crossed!

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