Thursday, September 9, 2010

Busy Busy!

We are still going going going! This week journals are going much better! The ticket idea is working great too! We learned about short and long vowel sounds and made word webs for each. She is getting great at recognizing number 1-100 and we started working on counting by 2s also! We have been playing a lot of word games and she is getting so great at Boggle Jr!
We also pulled out her new balance. first I wrote two numbers on the board and she had to guess which one would weigh more then check them all. She got them all right after that we tested to see if the bears and Legos were equal and how many Legos it takes to equal a bear. I think she learned a lot during that quick lesson and I plan on doing more of it!
We also ordered ourselves a new updated computer (this one is very outdated!) My brother has it all put together now we just need to get windows 7 on it and then we will have a school computer! I am very excited!!! Starfall here we come! So hopefully next week we will be open to a bunch more possibilities! I am also very happy to report that my biggest worry keeping Sam entertained during school is not really being an issue!
Tomorrow story time at the Library! Also hunting for books on Autumn for our first day of Autumn celebration!

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