Friday, September 3, 2010

Week one under our belt!

Well week one is done and I am super pleased! Thursday we did a lot. Journal was a bit rough again. Other then that she read to me out of her easy reader book of choice, I made flashcards of 1-100 and she did great at those! Still having the most trouble with the teens. She also did the weekly lego quest. (link to that on the right sidebar)
She also did a search through a page out of a book to find all the vowels which she is doing great at too!
Today the journal went a lot smoother! We got our Rainbow Resource order yesterday so we had a bunch of new stuff to use today! We played with the counting bears I had her count and write the number on her little dry erase board and she is getting better at figuring out how to write the teen numbers so hopefully with a bit more practice she will have that down. We also took turns making and finishing patterns with them and she has that down too! I came up with an idea to create a way for her to hopefully focus better on her journal because she can do it just fine when she is focusing on it. So I let her decorate a box and now when she does good she can get a ticket to put into it and after 10 she can have some sort of reward.

So I would say this week was a success for sure! I introduced vowels and she has a great grasp on what they are. With the help of a "finger space" her writing is much easier to understand. She is showing improvement with writing 2 digit numbers. She also learned about when to capitalize letters!
Today her journal question was "what do you hope we do this weekend?" and her answer was "more school" so I guess that is a great sign!


  1. Oh, yes - finger spaces are GREAT! I like these journals, too:
    My boys use them for copywork.
    Sounds like a great first week!!
    (I'm here from

  2. Thanks! I think it was Wednesday when it just all the sudden came to me while she was doing her journal that I maybe slightly remember us doing finger spaces at school when we were first writing. It is working great for us! Thanks for the link I will check that out!