Sunday, September 26, 2010

Feeling fallish

This was a busy week of field trips! Monday Sam was not feeling good so we ended up skipping school and taking him to the Dr. Lucy watched a couple of Animal Planet documentary just to squeeze in some educational value LOL. Tuesday we went and took a ride on the trolley as part of our tourist in our own town unit followed by a lunch at Trolley Dogs to continue the theme :) Wednesday was business as usual. Thursday in honor of the first day of fall we went to a really cool local park for the day for all sorts of fun. W=My friend who is also homeschooling joined us. We had a picnic. Read a couple of books about autumn and what changes happen and why. We also had a signs of fall scavenger hunt.
Which led to a hike in the woods. We also did some rubbings. We did leafs, sticks and all sorts of things we could find to check out the different textures they made. After a while at the playground I think we were all pooped after a long day!
Friday was another trip to the library for story time and picking out this weeks books.

This week Lucy got a great handle on counting by 5s so starting tomorrow we are going to attempt telling time! She also did 3 Starfall lessons and loves it! I am finding she is really getting it and zooming through it and it is making things much easier for me because it is the same kind of lessons I am trying to make for her but it takes me a lot more time to draw it all out! I am hoping after she gets through all of these easier lessons it will get a bit harder and challenge her! She reads the stories on there like nothing I am so proud of how well she is reading! I am hoping this coming week we will also get in a couple of good water lessons. She is still keeping an eye on her water slowly evaporating from the cup and I think she thinks that is really neat!

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