Thursday, September 16, 2010

Well I am happy to report that we have been able to introduce more then just reading writing and math without a problem! Last week I asked Lucy what she wanted to do for science and she put me on the assignment of finding material on water. I am excited at all of the possibilities! We are planning to take a road trip to see a waterfall and maybe a dam too! We started the unit with a easy reader book I had all about water which touched on evaporation and the solid liquid and gad forms of water. We filled a glass with water and set it out and are observing how long it takes for it all to evaporate. We also started our "Tourist in your own town" unit as we are calling it. We are very excited to learn all about the history and all of the things Kenosha has to offer! We went to the visitors center yesterday to get a good start. We got a map and booklets all about the attractions and sites to see! The list is growing everyday of the things we want to do for this! In other news Lucy has pretty much mastered even numbers and is also doing quite good on odds too!
This weeks Lego Quest was to make a playgroup I love it! She put so many features! It was hard to get a great pic but she has a slide,Teeter totter, tire climbing thing a couple poles to slide down, a pond, bouncy duck, sand box, grounds keeper, water fountain, flowers, a snake and more! I think of all of these this is the one she has gotten the most excited about! And journals you ask? Well she is breezing through them and actually starting to enjoy them too! I am so glad! I feel like that is touching on so many different areas I really wanted her to like it! Oh! And we also finished the first of the Boxcar Children books, Lucy made a little story board for it and we are now reading Matilda because well she thinks she is Matilda :) LOL alsright enough of this mish mash! I will be back to report how it is going again soon!


  1. If you teach the water cycle, I found a pot of boiling water really helped cement it in my kids' minds. You can catch the "clouds" of steam in the lid, and as the lid cools it shows it condensing back into "rain." Emily, my 3yo, still talks incessantly about the water cycle almost a year later. And she knows it through and through by this point. :-)

  2. Great idea Lexi! I was also thinking about seeing if or how you get a tour of the waste water treatment plant I think that would be an interesting field trip! I know at one point schools did field trips there, so I figure it is worth a shot.