Monday, August 30, 2010

Day one!

Today was Lucy first official day of school! It is so bitter-sweet that my baby girl is doing school! It feels like that should be not even a thought at this point! Things went very good! I had no clue how long what I had planned would take and it turned out to be about an hour and a half of work. I feel happy with that as a starting point. I only planned reading writing and math stuff so once we start to add more I think we will be at a great point! So here is what we did today...

Journal- I gave her a journal topic (this will be daily) written on the board she copied the question and wrote her answer in sentence form and then drew a little picture. I figure when she is older making her copy the question will not be necessary but for now it is giving her extra writing practice. Today's question... How do you feel about starting school today?

Letter practice- we worked on writing lowercase letters. She can recognize them enough to read them, but usually chooses to write in uppercase. I explained when you capitalize a letter and we went through writing them all on her dry erase board. We will keep practicing these until she masters it.

Word practice- I made her a worksheet with blanks within words I made it so there was more then one right option to make a word and let her choose what sound she wanted to use to finish a word. example: H_T She felt a little confused in the beginning but understood it quickly.

Numbers- I made a worksheet with numbers 1-30 with blank spots she had to fill in. She is figuring out how you write numbers like 23 that it is a 2 and a 3. this needs a bit more practice and she also needs help to know that 30 comes after 29 not 20 10 lol

Story time- This will also happen daily, I plan on keeping an on going chapter book. Today we started the boxcar children series. I loved those as a child! Part of story time will be her telling me when there is a word she doesn't understand. The world will be put on the board as a vocab word to use through out the week or however long it takes to have a good grasp on. The word she needed help with today... cross. She is excited to use it!

Sam decided he was not ready for a nap and ended up joining us too he did alright played with the little people I have down there, but it did become hard to keep him out of the rest of the basement while I was reading to her. I am super excited for tomorrow to see how it goes!

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