Monday, August 9, 2010

While we are busy planning other things... Learning happens!

This weekend Lucy completely assured me that homeschooling is by far the best decision for her! So far we don't have a date set to start school the space which we have decided to do it in is still in shambles and far from ready by I do have a delusional idea that it will only take a weekend to get set. Anyways Lucy hasn't really been taking the wait until we start school thing well she insists on learning she wants it so bad! So to keep her happy we bought a summer get ready for Kindergarten work book we have been doing tons of activities at the library and talking a little bit about the concept of putting the letter sounds together to make words.
She has been getting so frustrated when she picks up a book ( a chapter book at that) and cannot read it! She wants to read very bad! So when it came to read her a story I would try to pick one maybe she could help with but she would just look at the pictures and guess that just frustrated me and was not working! So to help with her desire to figure it out we decided to write words on a dry erase board and help her figure them out. And then it clicked! She can do it! She was reading cat hat pat and so on! We were so excited but I guess at that point I still did not feel like she could read just sound out words (ugh duh me!)
So last week I am searching out ways for me to help teach her how to know what sounds the blends make and such. Pretty much while I was in the process of doing that our room mate (my best friend) dug out these easy readers that we picked up (FOR FREE!!) at a rummage sale. They are Scholastic phonics ready readers if anyone wants to know. And now that I went to look at them to see what they are called I realize we have books 13-24 lol not even the easiest ones. Anyways she sat down with Lucy handed her a book she read it! Like no big deal just sat there and read it! So Beck hands her another she read that too! She sat there and read 7 books before she wanted to quit so she could go grill with daddy. When she woke up in the morning the first thing she does is pick up another and reads it! My baby can read!!! My four year old baby can read!!!! I am shocked! This kid should not be waiting another year to start school! She should be up and running as fast as she wants! I am so happy to be able to give her this! My main goal of this "school year" was to get her to this point that she already got her self... while waiting for me to teach her! This kid is amazing! I would hate to be holding her back so she could be at the same point of her classmates! Thanks Lucy for already proving this is the right thing... before we even started!

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