Friday, August 27, 2010

We are getting so close!!!

I feel like the rest of the world has already started the school year homeschooling or not, I am feeling a bit behind but we are planning on schooling year round so I am sure it really wont be an issue. Not to mention we technically don't have to be doing anything this year so we will be going above and beyond as it is! But both Lucy and I are super excited and I want to run with her love for learning!
The school room is all we are waiting on and I dont have any before pictures, but trust me you dont want to see it! Last week we started really getting down to business in there cleaning and organizing things! Some of our original plans are probably not going to happen for this year, but we did get some new carpet for down there. and nick is going to install some more lighting too. I am also hoping to put up some sort of curtain to hide the furnace and water heater but it is already feeling much more homey and inviting down there! I cannot wait to see it all done! I am sure I will post more pics soon! Hopefully we will be off to our start of school real soon!

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