Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Newest School Find!

I am always on the hunt for a good deal I have no shame in saving things for years if I can buy it now cheap! This may be one of the contributors to the clutter I have! LOL but I cannot pass up a good deal! I have a feeling that this will be a common (as long as I have my way about it) Part of this blog!

This weeks awesome find was ...

At Goodwill for 6.99! Cant beat that as far as I am concerned! This is a foreign language program in German where the learning comes from watching movies in German. There are lessons and then some that are just like a cartoon. They make it really easy to pick up on! We have only watched some of it once and we all learned things! We never really decided to teach German but I guess Goodwill has for us LOL! Lucy likes it so that is good too! Hopefully soon I will do a full review after we use it some more, but so far so good! Hopefully it will accompany the Easy learning German book I picked up there last time!

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